Watch Football While Staying Healthy


SWEETWATER COUNTY — Football season is quickly approaching, which means it is time to start setting aside at least a few hours a week to watch your favorite college or professional teams.

For some, the new season marks the beginning of the annual tailgating ritual, which typically consists of a barbeque and an adult beverage or two. However, if people want to get the best of both words, enjoying a football game and remaining healthy here are a few tips that will satisfy that gridiron fix. Eating healthy.

Enjoying a cold beer and a burger is one way to enjoy a game, at least in moderation. suggests that for every beer consumed people should drink a glass of water. Here are some other suggestions:
• Vegetables.
• Grilled foods, i.e. chicken. • Lean turkey or meat.
• Avoiding prepackaged foods.
• Fruits.
• Water, but if there isn’t an appetite for it during a game then shoot for a Propel, Powerade or Crystal Light.
• Substitutes. For example, instead of beef nachos enjoy chicken nachos.
• Be creative. Enjoy black bean hummus with Triscuits or celery.

“Food is an important part of watch parties, so don’t avoid the snack table entirely,” Healthy Living Made Simple Writer Michelle Miesse said. “Making informed choices and eating in moderation can help keep you from feeling stuffed post-party.”
To look at a few recipes, check out nutrition/football-season-food.
Be active

Eating healthy is important, but it is just as important to remain active during a ball game.

At halftime or on a commercial break get up, walk around, do pushups — heck, even do the Heisman Trophy pose a few times, but most of all remain active. If not, then at least use game day as a rest day and remain active during the rest of the week.

Finally, have a good time with friends and family and remember it is only a game. If a score upsets you so much then go for a run, hit the weights or throw down some fruit.

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