Laramie has mountain-biking spots for beginners, veterans


The Schoolyard a good introduction for novice cyclists, trail-runners

LARAMIE — With Albany County’s snowpack receding, there comes another season of outdoor activity, including mountain biking.Some of the top destinations, like Vedauwoo’s trails, don’t open until late May or June, but there are still plenty of off-road locations primed for riding now. And for novices looking to get into the low-impact sport, it’s fortunate that some of the most convenient locations also are ideal for beginners.The Schoolyard Trails System east of Jacoby Golf Course is a great place to for beginners to get started, according to Dewey Gallegos, co-owner of Pedal House.The Schoolyard’s trails, which begin at the east end of Crow Drive, are “pretty mellow,” he said, and its location in Laramie — right next to Ivinson Memorial Hospital — can provide piece of mind for beginners worried about injury themselves on national forest or state park trails.“Being in the woods, the chances of getting injured aren’t great, but it can be scary for beginners who are afraid of getting lost or not knowing how to get out if they get hurt,” Gallegos said. “The fear of it is real, but at the Schoolyard, you can see exactly where you are.”The Schoolyard is also a great location for those who want to get a quick bike-ride but don’t have the time to leave the city.Once the national forest roads open for the summer, Vedauwoo provides an endless network of trails. Gallegos said riders should know that e-bikes aren’t allowed in the national forest.For those willing to drive a little farther than Vedauwoo, Gallegos said Curt Gowdy State Park is a “top 10 location” in the state.The state’s hidden gem, he said, is Glendo State Park at the north end of Platte County.“It needs to be ridden more,” Gallegos said. “Every time I’ve gone, there’s no one there. It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s worth every moment. I think that’s Wyoming best secret right now.”

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For those who prefer their two feet over two wheels, High Plains Harriers has lists of ideal trail-running locations at


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