Homecare has become an important part of society


Homecare has become an important part of society in recent years. With an ageing population and overcrowded hospitals, the public healthcare system increasingly relies on a specific category of healthcare that can be provided within the patient’s home.

This type of care, which aims to complement the care provided by the patient’s family and friends, is especially effective for those with reduced mobility or who are losing their independence.

Nurses, doctors, social workers, technicians, therapists: all branches of the medical profession are involved in a homecare plan. Whether a particular homecare service is oriented towards daily visits, weekly injections, or palliative care, healthcare teams do everything in their power to provide the best possible service within this environment that is controlled by the patients and their families.

It is also possible to receive homecare support for matters such hygiene and housecleaning, important factors in maintaining an otherwise independent person’s dignity.

Having access to homecare improves the quality of life of most patients and allows them to maintain and prolong the positive effects of treatments received in healthcare institutions.


Be sure to find out about the huge range of homecare services that are available in your community.

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