Discover the joys of a walk in the Fall


farther. Now I keep it at five (miles) most of the time because of time. During the week, I have too much to do. I have time for five,” she said. She walks six or eight miles a day on weekends when she has time.

Walking improves circulation, joints and the respiratory system, and can help with weight loss, she said.

“Just moving, setting goals and meeting them are very uplifting for the spirit. Some people listen to music, others to motivational talks, and others, like me, like the silence. No choice is right or wrong. Whatever gets you out there,” Morgan Barnes said.

“Walking is my time to pray, write speeches and consider conversations I want to have. I walk outside of town, and I do get to see some wildlife. Whenever I see a pronghorn, I believe it’s God saying, ‘Hi!’” she said.

Like Bushkuhl, she said the best way to start is not to overdo. “Go a block. Then two. Keep adding. Don’t get fussy about what you wear. Be comfortable, not stylish.

“Keep track of how far or how many minutes you go. Then look back and be excited about how you have improved and how much better you feel. Celebrate with a new pair of walking shoes or socks,” she said. She also advised people to get a walking buddy.

Donna Eschardies of Cheyenne likes to exercise outside and enjoys fall walks and bicycle rides.

Being able to exercise is an achievement. She weighed 425 pounds in 2011 and lost 75 pounds before her stomach sleeve surgery on Aug. 8, 2013. Now, she is down to 193 pounds.

She walks four miles starting at 5 a.m. every day and another 3.25 miles every lunch hour during the week. She rides her bicycle on weekends, too.

Since June 2013, she has logged 9,472.8 miles bicycling, walking and mowing her lawn.

“It was my second chance at life,” she said of the sleeve surgery and her hard work before and after. “I feel like a whole different person.”

She also walked 44 miles from Cheyenne to the Our Lady of Peace Shrine in Pine Bluffs on a religious pilgrimage in August.

“It was amazing,” she said.

Eschardies enjoys walking in all seasons, including the fall. “I love it, absolutely. All the colors I see. I also see deer when I’m walking the Greenway.”

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